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Author's Portraits 1996, 2004, 2007, 2011, 10/3/2013 & 7/12/2016 (from left to right)

  1. Personal Data:
    1. born in Zagreb on 10/11/1956,
    2. German citizen since 11/22/2005;
  2. Education:
    1. primary school in Zagreb 1963-1971,
    2. secondary school in Zagreb 1971-1975,
    3. student of the Department of Physics of the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics
      of the University of Zagreb 1975-1981. Recognition as Dipl.-Ing. by German authorities on 3/21/2012,
    4. 2/1/1984-7/31/1986 graduate project at the Max-Planck Institute for Metals Research/
      Institute for Materials Science,
      Stuttgart; Dr. rer. nat. since 7/1/1986;
  3. Employment:
    1. employee of the Rudjer Boskovic Istitute & of the Institute for
      General and Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Zagreb 1982-1983,
    2. 1984, 1985 twice also guest scientist of the Reactor Radiation Division
      of the former National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland,
      which is the present National Institute of Standards and Technology,
    3. employee of the University of Hamburg 8/1/1986 through 7/31/1989. Project: 2-phase liquid intermetallic
      alloys under zero gravity conditions. Development of graphical software to represent corresponding physical observalbles,
    4. employee of the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart (8/1/1989 through 11/30/1991).
      Project: graphical software development in order to visualize physical observables
      according to solid state physical & chemical models. K & R C, Fortran 77,
      Programmer's Hyerarchical Interactive Graphic System
      (PHIGS+ Lumiere & Luminiscence), Xlib. Sun Solaris & IBM & Evans & Southerland (E & S) Unix;
    5. employee of the Institute for Statics & Dynamics of Airspace Structures (ISD)
      of the Faculty for Airspace Engineering, University of Stuttgart, 12/1/1991 through 3/31/2010 (with interruptions).
      Projects: design of mechanical structures & software development, modelling of an interference radiation system &
      implementation of my own mathematical antenna model by a C++ solver & interpretation of calculations
      by means of the Java 3D API visualizer written on my own. Design package CATIA V5 used interactively
      & by means of programming CATSCript's,
    6. on 3/31/2010 I left the ISD. Everybody is welcome to download my Java 3D API
      Java3D Application Program Interface applets;
    7. 6/24/1998 through 4/30/2000 enterpreneur on my own responsibility,
      however, using the facilities of the University of Stuttgart & employing nobody.
      My firm was programming computer controlled tools;
    8. between 10/1/2003 & 2/28/2006 employee of the Airship Technologies GmbH, Stuttgart.
      Our firm has been spinned off the Institute for Statics & Dynamics upon the objective
      to construct the airship. I was designing the airship borne antenna
      to coordinate the communication of cable-free hosts moving on the ground;
    9. juror (Hauptschöffin) at the Stuttgart court
      (Amtsgericht Stuttgart) during the term 2014 through 2018;
    10. auxiliary juror (Hilfsschöffin) at the Stuttgart State Court
      (Landgericht Stuttgart) during the term 2019 through 2023.